Draycen D. DeCator

Doctoral Candidate

A website maintained by Draycen DeCator. It contains content related to many subjects (psychology, health, statistics, grad school, and more), and professional materials (such as a copy of Draycen's CV, and materials to make your own!).

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Emotion and Coping Game (v3, PDF)

Emotion and Coping Game (v3, PDF)


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I'm available to hire for consultations, or for various tasks (e.g., syntax writing for data analyses, guidance with statistics, proofreading, assistance with Android app development). If you're interested in hiring me as a freelancer, use the Contact Me button below to provide a summary of the project. I will reply to discuss expectations, pay rate, estimated cost, and so on.


Fellow graduate student?

Contact me using the button at the bottom of the page and let me know what you're interested in. I'll provide you a code to get it for free, or at a discount. Just make sure to include your school email address.