Draycen D. DeCator, PhD

Post-doctoral Fellow

A website maintained by Draycen DeCator, PhD. It contains content related to many subjects (psychology, health, statistics, grad school, and more), and professional materials (such as a copy of Draycen's CV, and materials to make your own!).

Privacy Policy:

The privacy of users that visit this website, and/or use products created by me (e.g., apps), is very important to me. 

This website is hosted by Squarespace. The built-in analytics offered by Squarespace are only used via a cookie after visitors click the "Continue" button on the cookie notification at the bottom of the page. This is the only way to prevent the cookie notification from appearing after every page load. The analytics collected by Squarespace offer basic information about number of visitors to each page by various devices and from various locations. The built-in Squarespace activity log is disabled for this site, so no IP addresses (or other personal information) are visible to me via the Squarespace cookie as an administrator for the site.

Google Analytics is used on this website to help me understand basic demographic information about who my visitors are, and what type of content they enjoy, so I can better create content that will be of interest to readers. This information includes, for example, percentages of visitors from: various age groups, different genders, different broad interests (e.g., Media & Entertainment Lovers), different types of devices (e.g., mobile or desktop), different language groups, and different countries. The information provided to me is a summary of all visitors; no information is available for any individual visitor. These basic demographic details have been set to be retained for a total of 14 months (the minimum amount of time Google Analytics offers). The tracking code for Google Analytics has been set to anonymize IP addresses of visitors to this site.

This site does use Google AdSense, an advertising service offered by Google. Because of the use of Google AdSense, this site does use the "Doubleclick" Cookie, which tracks user interaction with this website and online behaviors relevant to ads. This tracking is to help Google provide better ads to you that are more relevant. This is done by enabling its partners to serve you ads based on your visit to this website and other websites on the Internet.

You may decide to disable the Doubleclick Cookie by changing your Ads Settings associated with Google: http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/

To view the AdSense privacy policy, you can go to this webpage: https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/ 

The email newsletter is offered as an opt-in service through MailChimp, which requires visitors to use the "Newsletter" button on my Blog and/or Podcast pages, fill out the form, and submit the information. A name is requested to allow personalizing the email messages, but any name can be provided. Email addresses are needed to send the newsletter. This service is easy to opt-out of through any of the emails sent via MailChimp. If you opt-out, your information is no longer available for me to see via MailChimp; it is deleted from the list of subscribers.

For podcast episodes, Podtrac is used to track download counts of episodes. No demographics are collected about users; the only data available is the type of device that was used to download the episode (e.g., Android phone, mobile browser) and country where the episode was downloaded. This helps me to determine topics of interest so I can create future podcast episodes that are more relevant for listeners.

For applications I publish, the information I know about users is similarly anonymous/general. My apps do not contain any extra code to collect user information beyond basic information collected by Google when an app is installed (e.g., type of device, version of Android).

No information of any kind is sold by me to anyone, or shared by me with any third-parties not explicitly detailed above (e.g., if you sign up for the newsletter then the provided information is stored by MailChimp for purposes of sending you the newsletter). I (Draycen DeCator) am currently the only administrator of this site; no other individuals have access to the information above (apart from any access the service-providers [i.e., Squarespace, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, MailChimp, Podtrac] may have).

I have taken care to help ensure protections are in place for the services detailed above. However, should a breach occur and any user information is leaked/stolen, I will create posts informing readers that this has occurred. Should a breach occur of email addresses via MailChimp, an email with details will be sent to all affected subscribers.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact me using the button below. I promise to take all privacy-related concerns very seriously, and will do my best to address any concerns.