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Post-doctoral Fellow

A website maintained by Draycen DeCator, PhD. It contains content related to many subjects (psychology, health, statistics, grad school, and more), and professional materials (such as a copy of Draycen's CV, and materials to make your own!).

Privacy Policy
(Emotion and Coping Game)

The privacy of users is a high priority for the developer and this app. Care has been taken to ensure the app does not collect any more information than is needed from users. The app does not use ads, and does not share any information about users with anyone. No information is taken from the device and stored elsewhere, apart from automatic application backups that are built-in to Android and may sync to your Google account. The developer does not have access to any detailed information about users; the only information provided to the developer is the information captured by Google upon install. The information Google collects is shared with the developer as a summary. That is, the information summarizes the group of all users; there is no information about any single user.

The developer of this app agrees to maintain this dedication to privacy. No features will be added that result in information about users being shared. Any such features would be implemented as opt-in; no information will be taken from your device by the developer without your explicit and informed permission.

If there are any concerns about the privacy practices of this app, please feel free to contact the developer. You can use the "Contact Me" button below.