Draycen D. DeCator, PhD

Post-doctoral Fellow

A website maintained by Draycen DeCator, PhD. It contains content related to many subjects (psychology, health, statistics, grad school, and more), and professional materials (such as a copy of Draycen's CV, and materials to make your own!).




My training is in clinical child psychology. During my training, I have specialized in a field called pediatric psychology, which focuses on working with children who have medical conditions. I have also completed training in neuropsychological assessments with children. But my goal is to extend my work beyond standard clinical care.

My longterm goal is to help as many families and students as possible. One of the best ways that can be done is to share information and resources. Not only that, but it needs to be done in a way that's user-friendly and helpful. Research articles are important, but they do little to directly help people.

That's why I created this website. My goal is to share helpful information with all of you, in a way that's easy to understand, easy to access, and easy to share.

When working with a family, I try to involve both parents and children. That allows me to adapt evidence-based treatments for each family depending on their wants, needs, situation, and so on. Similarly, my neuropsychological assessments take into account a child's context, culture, goals, and so on to capture the bigger picture. The content I create and share is meant to fulfill a similar goal. My intent is for the information to be adaptable, and to apply to everyone in your family in a variety of ways.

Of course, that means I need your help. In order to best serve all of you, I appreciate suggestions for content to share, ways this website can be improved, etc. Everyone is welcome to use the "Contact Me" button throughout my website. Comments on posts are also welcome, and can be done anonymously.

So please, enjoy the content on this website, and feel free to participate in discussions. This is meant to be a place that benefits everyone. By participating and letting me know what things will be most helpful, you'll also help me become a better researcher and clinician. Afterall, the most important parts of our job are to listen to, and understand, those that we are hoping to help.

Thank you for coming to my website. Hopefully it will serve you well.

-Draycen D. DeCator, PhD